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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I learned a new word tonight.  Fartlek. 



a training technique, used especially among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort loosely alternating with less strenuous activity.

Well, actually, I knew the word - just never experienced what it truly means.  Until tonight.  I've discovered that ignorance really is bliss.

The same friend who introduced me to Advocare put me through the worst workout ever tonight!  Track workout, she said.  That didn't sound so bad.  I run around the track often.  Speed workout, she said.  Okay, that sounds a little intimidating; but surely it can't be that awful.

Famous last words.

A slow mile warmup (4 times around the track).  11:15 pace or so.  Easy peasy.

Then came half miles.  Run half mile at your target 5K pace.  For me, that's a 9:30 mile (so as to break 30 minutes).  First quarter mile wasn't bad - second quarter mile was.  Did half mile in 4:30 or so and then a quarter mile cool down (by far my favorite parts of the night were the cool downs!).  Then we did it again.  Ugh.

Then came quarter miles - once around the track.  I believe my exact words were "once around is going to be a piece of cake!".  Someday I'll learn to just not speak.  4 times we did those.  All at the target pace of 9:30 - for me anyway.  The two of them were faster.

Then 6 100's.  I managed to knock out 4 of those before feeling like I was going to lose my dinner.  And then I did another 50 (meters, I think).  REALLY felt like I was going to lose it at that point.

And then we got to run for a half mile cool down.

By far the worst workout ever.  And I'm thinking that it was probably by far the most effective workout ever.  2 weeks, I get to do it again.  Can't wait!

So a summary of tonight's workout:

5 - number of miles ran/walked
10 - number of times I wanted to quit
10 - number of times I changed my mind after I heard my running mates cheer me on
2 - number of times I wanted to vomit
0 - number of times I actually vomited
100 - percent glad I am that I went tonight


  1. Yep, nothing like a little interval training to improve your time. He he he. I knew what a fartlek was. hahahaha

    1. Oh I knew WHAT they were...we had just never been formally introduced!