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Sunday, June 10, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 12.5

Today was a weird day.  Well, not really - at least I didn't sleep half the morning away like yesterday!  But I went for an early morning run with my cousin.  When I say early morning run, it was actually 7:45; but that's pretty early for a weekend!  Especially for me.  Especially to be awake, alert and excited about running.  In 70 degrees.  In the sun.

Anyway, we ran/walked 3.5 miles - ran a good 2.25 miles of that which, given the heat, I'm happy with.

All that to say that I drank my Spark and took my Catalyst but completely forgot about the MNS packets.  So I'm sort of scrapping today as far as the supplements go and will consider tomorrow Day 13.

30 Minutes Before Exercise: Cherry Spark, 3 Catalyst

Breakfast: The most wonderful homemade waffle (half of a whole waffle) with maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream
Snack: Blue Bunny Cadbury ice cream bar.  These are amazing.  They're snack size - 150 calories and worth every one.  

Lunch: 2 Rice cakes with hummus, honeydew melon, nuts

Dinner: 2 hot dogs, a few chips, watermelon, cupcake, ice cream and 3 pieces of the best fudge ever - Maple Walnut

Today was weigh in day.  I stayed the same (actually I was up .2, but that was after I thought I was up a pound so I'm calling it the same).

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