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Monday, June 4, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 7

Day 7!  Tomorrow starts the last 3 days of Fiber Drink.  Yippee.

I started Zumba again tonight!  My first Zumba class was this January, but I haven't been able to go back since.  Last week I found out that there's another 4 week class that was starting tonight - it starts later than the other class and is closer so it finally worked out!  For as much running as I do, though, I was kinda surprised when my legs started getting really tired during the first song.

30 Minutes before breakfast: Fruit Punch Spark, ProBiotic Restore Ultra

Breakfast: Egg sandwich (whole grain english muffin, baked egg, coconut manna)

Snack: Strawberries and Honeydew Melon

Lunch: Salad (romaine lettuce, walnuts, craisins, chicken, lite honey mustard dressing), carrots and hummus

Snack: Apple and natural peanut butter

Before Exercise - Catalyst

Dinner: Banana, Chicken stir fry, Cocoa Roast almonds 2 Omegaplex (so as it turns out, had I read the directions I would have realized that 2 Omegaplex is a serving)

Snack: Probably more cherries - they were really good

Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse Tablets (last night of these - I think that's the trade off for having to take the fiber drink again starting tomorrow!)

I'm pretty excited about starting Phase 2, and I'm pretty excited to see how Zumba two times a week kicks up the weight loss and toning!


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    1. It's a coconut spread that can be used in place of butter. For more info, please see Day 8 :)