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Saturday, June 16, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 17

I missed Day 17.  So here it is:

30 Minutes Before Breakfast: 1st color MNS Packet (no Spark today)

Breakfast: Chocolate meal replacement shake (blended with PB2, sugar free caramel syrup and ice cubes) and both white MNS packets. 

 Morning snack - the most amazing Apple Crisp cupcake I've ever tasted

30 Minutes Before Lunch: 2nd color MNS packet

Lunch: Salad (romaine lettuce, walnuts, craisins, chicken, lite honey mustard dressing)

Snack: Oreo cupcake - today was not a good eating day.  I mean it was a wonderful eating day.  But not so much a healthy day.

Dinner: Pepperoni pizza, grape salad, brownie and a half piece of Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza. 

I was quite sore today from my track workout!

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