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Friday, September 9, 2011


I was thinking tonight as I was running how I wish I had recorded the little things last year.  I ran 4 miles tonight...I couldn't even run a mile at this time last year, and even walking 3 miles was a stretch.  I didn't start running until Feb/March 2011 so I'm happy with my progress, but it would be nice to have a benchmark.

So boring as it may be, I'm thinking about blogging the little things.  Like how this time last year I was wearing size 18/20 and happy because I was down from a 20/22 but yesterday I wore a pair of size 14 pants!  I'm in a 16/18 now, but those 14s fit so I wore them!

I had gotten a little off track and lost my mojo, but I've been slowly getting more focused.  Maybe this will help with that.  That and reminding myself of the goals I have met:

Lost 45 pounds
Can run 3 miles without too much difficulty
Lost 2-3 sizes

We have to remember where we've been in order to see how far we've come.  I'm beginning to see the truth of that.