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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was thinking the past couple days about how good I've been feeling.  Sometimes an overwhelming feeling of "feeling good" hits me, and it always takes me by surprise because I haven't had that in a very long time.  It's nice.

I was also thinking that a recap might be nice.  I started Weight Watchers in February 2010.  I started as an online member, but then I started going to meetings.  From February to May 2010, I lost around 20 pounds, but then my motivation fizzled out.  I let it fizzle out.  I managed to stay around the same weight until December 2010 (I gained 4 pounds back), but then I recommitted around February 2011 when I saw how well my sister was doing on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program.

At first I was going to still follow the old (new old, that is) WW program since I had just bought all the materials and everything the year before.  But then I figured it would be nice to be able to compare apples to apples when it came to the program.  So I rejoined the online program.  Since February, I've lost 24 pounds.

It's been nice to have people faithfully following the program to keep me inspired and encourage me to track ALL my points when I have a bad day.  I often get reminded that it's not cheating if you track it.  And logically, there's absolutely no reason why I should ever go over my points in a week because I can earn activity points to pull myself out of the hole.  It doesn't happen often - actually, I've only gone into the negative points one week, and I made myself earn more AP to bring it up to 0.  So I ended up feeling good about that week even though I may not have made the best choices about the use of my points.

Anyway, I'll eventually post these stats to the side; but for now, here's where I've come from (starting from Feb 2011)

2/12/11     212 (ironic)
2/19/11     210
3/5/11       209
3/12/11     205
3/19/11     203
3/26/11     201
4/2/11       200
4/9/11       199 (hellooooo Onderland!)
4/16/11     198
4/23/11     196
4/30/11     196
5/7/11       198
5/14/11     195
5/21/11     195
5/28/11     192
6/4/11       192
6/11/11     190
6/17/11     188 (I've never seen the 180s that I can remember!!)

It's been so nice to find that after squeezing into a size 18 (or more) for the past few years (ok, past 10-15 years), my size 18s are getting too big!  I can go shopping now and pick up a size 18 and know that it will either fit or be too big.  I have several size 16s now that fit well, and I have a couple size 14s that fit like my 18s used to!  I bought a winter coat last weekend because I'll need a new one come November.  It's a Large...and it fits! 

I can't always see the changes, but I love the feeling of fitting into new clothes and being able to give clothes that I've liked so much to my sister - who won't be in them very long herself!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Slowly but surely, change is coming

Having been overweight for my entire adolescent and adult life, it's been really interesting to notice changes happening.

The other day I noticed that my collarbone is more evident.  Awhile back, I noticed that I can feel my chin bone.  I also noticed that I can feel the part of my bicep that is muscle.  I mean, I've always felt the muscle; but I'm starting to feel the part where the muscle slopes down.

I can feel an indent in the side of my leg, and I'm starting to see cheekbones.

It's been interesting because I figure I'm a little over a third of the way through my journey so I'm excited to see what is still to come!