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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 17.5

Thanks to a horrendous nightmare that never seemed to end, I woke up late.  I argued with myself about whether I would go running since I got up so late, but I knew I wouldn't go if I didn't make myself do it right away.  So 10:40 (I told you I got up late), I hit the trail.  It was so hot...and turns out the trail isn't shaded when the sun is right in the middle of the sky.  So it was pretty bad. 

I think I did a mile.  Which I needed to do to get my muscles stretched out.  The run itself was good...but I think I'll save them for either really early or later in the day.

Anyway, since I got up so late, everything was kind of thrown off so I didn't take my MNS packets again today.

So Day 18 will be tomorrow.  Stay tuned. 

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