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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 13

Did Zumba tonight.  I had to be in the front row.  It's really different when you're in the front row! You can't look at the people in front of you.  Sure, you can look at the instructor; but that feels like staring.  So instead I look at her out of the corner of my eye and go by memory.  Bad idea.  At one point, I was doing a completely different part of the song.  Embarrassing. 

30 Minutes Before Breakfast: Mandarin Orange Spark, 1st color MNS Packet

Breakfast: Chocolate meal replacement shake (I blended it with PB2 and oatmeal to try to mimic the No Bake Cookie smoothie the other night.  It fell a little short, but it was still good) and both white MNS packets

30 Minutes Before Lunch: 2nd color MNS packet

Lunch: Salad (romaine lettuce, walnuts, craisins, chicken, lite honey mustard dressing), 1 strawberry until I realized that they tasted like flowers and I didn't really feel like eating flowers...

Before workout (Zumba - 1 hour): 3 Catalyst

Dinner: Black bean burger on a sandwich thin with mayo, grapes
(I'm a very boring eater)

Snack: Honey roasted nuts
These were my downfall today.  I really wasn't hungry, but I wanted something crunchy and these were close.  Bad idea.  I probably had 3 servings which probably wouldn't be so bad if they weren't 220 calories a pop.

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