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Saturday, June 9, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 11

So Day 11 was interesting.  It was not only a party day at work, but also a campfire night. 

Phase 2

There are several components to Phase 2. 

  • Meal Replacement Shakes
    • These are actually really good.  You can choose your flavor (vanilla, chocolate or berry), and I originally chose vanilla.  After reading some reviews, though, I also ordered the chocolate which came the day before I started Phase 2.  Today I just mixed it with some water (put in a water bottle and shook it very well).  The flavor was really good with no weird aftertaste.  
  • OmegaPlex®
  • AdvoCare Spark®
    • You automatically get Fruit Punch and Mandarin Orange with the bundle.
  • MNS Max C
    •  You can choose between MNS Max 3 (Wellness), MNS Max E (Energy) and MNS Max C.  I chose Max C which is appetite control.  All 3 offer control for appetite, energy and wellness; but I thought that I might need a little more help. 
So anyway, here's how today went:

 30 Minutes Before Breakfast: Pink Lemonade Spark (this was pretty good but very sweet - next time I'm going to dilute it more), 1st color MNS Packet (there are 4 packets total) and 3 Catalyst

Breakfast: Chocolate meal replacement shake, both white MNS packets (you can take 1 now and the other with lunch...I'm just going to take both with breakfast since it's just a difference of 1 pill)

Snack: Strawberries and honeydew, cocoa roast almonds

30 Minutes Before Lunch: 2nd color MNS packet (this is the 4th packet)

Lunch: Salad (romaine lettuce, walnuts, craisins, chicken, lite honey mustard dressing), carrots, nut thins (almond), Warm brownie sundae (um...yeah)

Snack: Grapes

2nd Snack: Nut thins, the rest of my grapes

Dinner: 2 hot dogs, Doritos and a S'more.  Just 1 S'more...I kind of consider that a small victory

So today wasn't so great eating wise, but it's a lot better than it could have been.  Tomorrow I have a family party, but there are usually healthy options so I just need to not snack before dinner and make sure I pick the healthy options and not only the yummy goodness that I'm sure will be there :)

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